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Randy Withers, Managing Editor of Blunt Therapy, A Blog about Mental Health

Thank you so much for your interest in Blunt Therapy. Just the fact that you have visited this page means the world to me.Blogs like this one take hundreds of hours of time to create and maintain.

Donations like yours are the difference between reaching people who need to read our posts and having to shut down forever due to a lack of funds. 

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Mental illness and substance abuse affects tens of millions annually. Last year, 47,000 Americans committd suicide and more than 38 MILLION were diagnosed with a mental illness. 

Our mission at Blunt Therapy is to promote awareness, education, and frank discussions about mental health, substance abuse treatment, healthy relationships, and positive parenting. We want to be the best mental health blog on the internet. Your donations move us one step closer to achieving that goal.


Donating to Blunt Therapy is highly leveraged:

Every $25 we raise us pay for much needed plugin subscriptions for an entire year.

Every $50 we raise helps us stay online for an additional 12 months.

Every $200 we raise pays for articles, web hosting, advertising, and SEO.

But every single penny matters. Every single one.


Thank you so much. It’s people like you who keep me going.

How Much Do You Know About Mental Health?

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