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Continuing Education Units (CEU) Opportunities for Mental Health Professionals

This is a growing list of free and low-cost CEU and Professional Development opportunities for masters and doctoral level counselors and therapists. For more great resources, go here.

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Professional Development Resources

AMHCA offer its Members Discounted Prices and Free Options benefits in its home studies. It majorly offers webinars and journals

ACA offers diverse online professional development programming to professional counselors. Some of their programs include online courses, webinars, podcast etc. while the online courses are free, the webinars, podcast have paid access.

AMHCA offer its Members Discounted Prices and Free Options benefits in its home studies. It majorly offers webinars and journals.

Blurb—ASCA offers a number of opportunities to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or NBCC contact hours. ASCA offers Professional School Counseling journal articles, attending the ASCA annual conference, attending ASCA webinars or registering for one of the ASCA U specialist training programs.

ASCA offers a number of opportunities to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or NBCC contact hours. ASCA offers Professional School Counseling journal articles, attending the ASCA annual conference, attending ASCA webinars or registering for one of the ASCA U specialist training programs.

Ace offers its courses online and it’s affordable. Credits are directly reported to your CE Broker.

CEU courses demonstrate techniques easily incorporated in practice, connect you with like-minded professionals and are affordable.

ACE offers its program Live (In-Person) to counselors.

Access CEU engages learners with applied examples, useful links, resource downloads, and access to recent research so that the course material is ready to use.

AllCEUs was created by a counselor to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, accessible, high-quality, multimedia education. AllCEU offers courses, live workshops, and specialty certificates.

ADAA’s Conference offers up to 29.5 CE or CME credits or hours to registered professionals. Its free for ADAA members while non-members will pay $60 per discipline.

Aspira Continuing Education offers online CE courses for Professional Counselor continuing education everywhere. Its courses encompass all areas of mental health practice all at low cost.

Aspire offers three to six hour long workshops with continued education for non-profit organizations.

At health offers Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals in most locations and for most disciplines. Its continuing education is low cost and online.

Offers Seminars and workshops for professionals. There is a conference app that if registered into can give free access.

Beck Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides exceptional training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to health and mental health professionals worldwide. They offer online resources and training opportunities both for individual professionals and for organizations.

Offers cutting edge of new technologies and experience-based practices and courses. It offers several paid online courses, conferences and seminars.

Online classroom based training opportunities for professional development.

Berkshire AHEC offers evidence‑based, inter-professional training centered on best practices in current patient care. Berkshire AHEC facilitates continuing professional development to enhance the knowledge, skills, competence and performance of healthcare professionals.

BGSP’s workshops, courses, and programs bring new insights and skills to everyday life, work, and clinical practice. An introduction to psychoanalytic principles and techniques helps develop a deeper understanding of human dynamics. Often this leads to approaching old problems in new ways.

CEU By Net offers Free Online CEUs for NBCC Counselors, Social Workers, and LMFTs, and an Unlimited CEU Plan at a fee. It’s an inexpensive online courses  in  Healthcare Reform era provides continuing education for counselors who need courses approved by the CA BBS, and FL CeBroker. It has some free courses as well as paid courses.

Offers quality courses at affordable prices that are convenient and easy to use. The CEmobile website is mobile-friendly that is enrollment can be done using your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Offers both free professional development courses as well as paid for courses. Its Affordable, convenient continuing education.

CAPT provides approved classes for the MBTI® and Related Assessments, Psychological Type, Leadership, Teamwork, and Career Development. Professionals can earn CE credits toward renewal of their required licenses by attending CAPT’s training programs.

Offers a wide variety of approved half-day and full-day continuing education workshops for counselors, psychologists, and social workers.

Offers continuing education programs as an APA and NBCC approved provider.

Offers courses whose certificate is sufficient for license renewals.

Offers High-quality video-based training workshops for counselors and addiction professionals. And also training workshop all at a fee.

Croswaite Counseling, PLLC offers free and low-cost trainings to professionals in the greater Metro Area. The trainings offered are formatted to create a safe place for curiosity, discussion, and hands-on learning of new clinical tools and skills.

Providing the most up-to-date online training for certification and recertification of professionals. It safe money, keeps license current, and User friendly.

CEU offers 100% free online course that can be tried, before the paid courses are taken.

Elite offers continuing education for counselors, quality and convenient courses for CEU credits. There is 24/7 access to courses, certificates, and more.

Families, Inc. offer opportunities for professional development through a combination of onsite and web based training. They provide multiple ways for mental health professionals to access these relevant topics.

Free Sate provides on-line social work continuing education, All of its courses are $4 per credit hour and they have some free courses.

Get a HUGE Discount off your membership!

Genesis Continuing Education Group offers online CE Credits for professionals. They offer both free CEs and Unlimited CEs at lower cost.

Good therapy’s events allow therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals to fulfill their license requirements while expanding their knowledge and clinical skills. Its membership is free and paid pro/premium membership. It has live events as well as home study CE courses

Health Forum Online offers a fast and convenient way to improve your patient-based knowledge, clinical skills, and earn nationally-approved CE credits anywhere you have Internet access.

Hudson Velley offers workshops with CE certificates of $20 (one-day workshops) to $25 (two days and longer).

They provide Mental Health Continuing Education for diverse professional depending on their license type.  

NBCC offers diverse continuing education and its NBCC continuing education credit verification form for activities that do not provide a certificate of completion. Its approved content areas includes; Counseling Theory/Practice and the Counseling Relationship, Counselor Professional Identity and Practice Issues, wellness and prevention etc.

The entire library of courses is FREE to print and read! Payment is only made when there is a need to receive credit. Continuing education can be extended year-round.

Offers several certificate courses, webinars, seminars, online courses etc. it also offers free online CE seminars.

Offers interactive CE online videos and articles at affordable cost. Its certification is an easy process.

Quantum Units Education has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 

TeachMe is made up of solid team of professionals dedicated to providing innovative CE solutions to licensed professionals all across the nation. They offer both free CEs courses and Unlimted access CEs which are paid for.

SWOPE design workshops that encourage social workers and professionals in related fields to think creatively about the problems confronting their clients and the delivery of effective services, while also earning continuing education (CE) credits.

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. offers a comprehensive, quality, Certification program for Health Care Professionals in Substance Abuse and Addictions counseling and care. This certification focuses on the validation of the attainment of advanced continuing education related to all facets of substance abuse, including addictive behavior. This program is open only to Health Care Professionals who are currently licensed to practice in their state or country.

Western Schools offers expert-authored and peer-reviewed courses. It also offers affordable coursework in hard copy, online, video, and audio formats.

Offers over 125 courses for CE professionals. An online CE programs offering which are rare everywhere else.

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