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A mental health blog with tips, analysis and advice to make your life better, from a licensed therapist who’s been there.

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Mental Health

Learn about mental illness, personality disorders, and how to remain mentally well.


Substance use disorders and addictions kill tens of thousands every year.


Read honest reviews about mental health products and online counseling platforms.


Tips, tricks, and insights about children to make you a better parent.

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About The Editor

Randy Withers, LCMHC
Randy Withers, LCMHC

Randy Withers is a Board-Certified Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) and Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) in North Carolina. He is the Managing Editor and Lead Writer of Blunt Therapy. A graduate of Florida State University (BA, MS) and Lenoir-Rhyne University (MA), he is a therapist, educator, writer, and public speaker. He has also been in recovery from co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders since February of 2005. To learn more, go here, or visit his profile on Psychology Today.

How Much Do You Know About Mental Health?

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