To make Blunt Therapy the Best Blog About Mental Health on the Internet, we have curated some of the best resources available. Not only do I have mental health resources – I also have resources for mental health bloggers!

Mental Health Information

An informed client is an empowered client. There are hundreds of non-profits, charitable organizations, government agencies, and publications that exist to help you manage your mental health. Here's a sample of what's out there.

The Best Mental Health Blogs

Often, personal experience and individual perspective is the best way to learn about mental illness. These blogs are just a small sample of the many wonderful mental health blogs on the internet. 

Mental Health Resources

A collection of personal, professional, governmental, and non-profit mental health websites. These serve as excellent forums to express yourself or to learn more about mental health topics.

Professional Development

Are you  mental health professional? Enjoy some curated links to professional organizations and opportunities for masters and doctoral level counselors and therapists.

For Counselors and Therapists

Free and low cost professional development and continuing education (CEUs) opportunities for masters and doctoral level counselors and therapists.

Web Hosting Articles

Web hosting is a critical component of SEO if you want to build and run your own website. Are you using the best service you can? You definitely don't want to cheap out on quality hosting.

Best WordPress Articles

WordPress is a website building platform used by 34% of the Internet and 60% of all content management systems. Gets tips and tactics to make your site look and act great. 

Articles About Search Engine Optimization

Quality articles from authority sites about SEO. A curated list of the best blog posts about internet marketing, SEO, WordPress, and web design.

These posts may contain affiliate links.  This means if you make a purchase through a link I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

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