6 Innovative Medical Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022

June 20, 2022
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6 Innovative Medical Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022
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Innovation is never more present than it is in healthcare. Even the smallest advancements in healthcare can make the biggest impact across the world. Often, it is medical entrepreneurs to whom we ow our profound thanks. Consider the discovery of germs and the millions of lives that this knowledge has saved. Consider the invention of the scalpel, the MRI, and the thousands of other tools designed to lessen suffering.

Therefore, it’s important to encourage innovation in healthcare, and to recognize dynamic entrepreneurs in the industry. To that end, here are six medical entrepreneurs that you should watch out for in 2022.

6 Innovative Medical Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022
6 Innovative Medical Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022

6 Medical Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022

Stephanie Eltz, founder of Doctify

Trauma and orthopaedic registrar, Stephanie Eltz, is also the founder of Doctify. Doctify is an online platform designed to make booking appointments easier for patients. Patients can contact consultants and specialists or use the tools in the app to see who the next available doctor is for the sake of an urgent appointment.

Eltz’s personal experience with the NHS led her to create a solution to a problem that is an issue from the ground up and the NHS’ most complained about aspect: gaining an appointment.

Dr James Somauroo, founder of SomX

Dr James Somauroo, producer of the Healthtech Podcast, was already flexing an entrepreneurial muscle when he created SomX, a platform combining PR and multimedia content for healthcare companies.

Dr Somauroo is well aware of the importance of marketing, having also written the Healthtech Pigeon, a newsletter with 2,000 weekly readers, and aims to bring the latest health advancements to the forefront.

Angela Spang, founder of the Galaxy II

Angela Spang created an upgrade to the staple surgery tool, surgical retractors, when she unleashed the Galaxy II. The retainer is self-retracting, allowing for one less pair of hands at the table holding it in place. It often means there is one less person in the operating room, which is important for maintaining a clean environment to conduct surgery in.

Just recently, the Galaxy II was voted the Most Advanced Surgical Retractor 2022. This comes off the back of Angela Spang being chosen for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2021 – an incredible (and growing) list of accolades for the entrepreneur. 

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, founder of Proximie

Head of Clinical Innovation at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and consultant plastic surgeon, Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, was looking to create a space where the wealth of medical information was freely available in one platform, and so, he created Proximie. Proximie is an online space where healthcare professionals around the world can share their best clinical practices.

Created out of a frustration for the inequity of care and the lack of information across cultures, Proximie was created to close that gap.

Dr Krishan Ramdoo, founder of Tympa

Dr Krishan Ramdoo is the founder of the world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment system, Tympa. Once again found on a smartphone, the tool allows for aural microsuction, screening audiometry and otoscopy.

Years of experience as an Ear, Nose and Throat registrar, Dr Ramdoo has turned the smartphone into a tool for hearing diagnostics.

Dr Chris Whittle Founder & CEO of Q doctor

Dr Chris Whittle combined his IT know-how with his medical degree in neuroscience to create Q doctor, which is a video consulting platform that connects patients to doctors. Navigating the NHS operations is an extensive job, which the Q doctor does effectively. 

Final Thoughts

We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who work in the healthcare industry. Over the past three years, much of the attention has been heaped upon nurses, doctors – the front lines of the fight to curtail COVID-19.

But we must also take a moment to honor those medical entrepreneurs who work behind the scenes. Their innovation and tireless efforts help make the healthcare industry more effective and dynamic, and they deserve our praise for doing so.

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