How to Choose Nootropic Supplements: A Beginner’s Guide

June 28, 2023
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How to Choose Nootropic Supplements: A Beginner's Guide
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Nootropic supplements can be a great way to boost your overall brain health, leading to better mental health alongside a range of other advantages and benefits. Of course, like any supplement, there is not just a single type out there – and in some cases, you might be stuck trying to decide between a few great options.

Picking out the best nootropics for your needs is not easy, especially if you are not that familiar with what they can offer. However, it is important to choose nootropics that you know you can rely on and ones that you can trust to benefit your body with no major risks or side effects.

How to Choose Nootropic Supplements: A Beginner's Guide
How to Choose Nootropic Supplements: A Beginner’s Guide

What to Look For in Nootropics

Nootropics are all about brain health, so it is important to slow down and think about what you actually want from your supplements. In general, all nootropics have a single goal – to boost your mental functions and focus, often alongside various other benefits.

This means that most nootropic supplements are going to be mainly the same in terms of their end goal but still have different ingredient lists, dosages, package sizes, and potential risk factors.

As a whole, you want nootropics that can provide the kind of mental benefits you are looking for, whether that is focus to help you study or a creativity booster to fuel your own creations. Most of them will offer these benefits, which means that it is far more important to look at the specifics of every supplement.


You want to think about the individual ingredients of your nootropic. While most of them are going to use combinations of ingredients that are absolutely fine to use, it is still a good idea to know what you are putting into your body.

This can be especially important if you are using medication or any other substance that needs to be carefully managed. You do not want to accidentally take a supplement with an ingredient inside that reacts badly to your medication, so be sure that you understand the ingredients list before you commit to a particular supplement.

The ingredients list is also worth checking, even if you don’t have any kind of medical issues to consider. Knowing exactly which ingredients you are using can be important if you want to prevent yourself from using anything too risky or just using a supplement that you do not trust.


Price is important. If you are paying more, you usually expect to either get more of a product or get something better – but there can also be dangers to underpaying and getting something that does not live up to the standards you expected.

It is important to consider price carefully because this can be a direct factor in whether or not you buy a good supplement product. If you are not careful, you might end up buying something that you can’t really use, or that does not have much effect on your mental health and focus.

A high price can mean greater quality, but it might also lead to less value per dollar spent overall. On the other hand, something that is too cheap can be the opposite – great value but lower quality, sometimes to the point that the supplement itself does not even do anything.

In some cases, a middle ground might be better, and this is where shopping around can be a real lifesaver. Finding something that strikes a balance of cost, quantity, and effectiveness is usually a good option for people who just want decent supplements, removing a lot of the risk involved in paying too much or too little.


While all nootropics are made with the same basic advantages in mind, some of them might be specifically formulated for a certain purpose. For example, some nootropic supplements are meant to be memory aids or a “focus drug,” which can mean that they mostly revolve around that specific benefit.

This is usually done by including ingredients that cause that particular benefit most. While all nootropics will boost brain health overall, it can still be important to consider whether or not you want to use a specialized supplement option.

You want to think about the potential issues of the nootropic you are using. Any poorly-formulated nootropic supplement can have potential problems or issues with its dosage, ingredients, and side effects. For example, too much of a specific ingredient could make an otherwise cheap and affordable supplement unsafe to use.


How To Find Good Nootropic Supplements

Finding quality nootropic supplements that you can rely on is not as hard as you might think. Do not be afraid to do some basic searches, even if you are worried about scam sites – it is not that difficult to stumble across dozens of legitimate supplement options that might be similar to what you need.

Using articles and reviews is a good option for this. For example, Nootropicology’s comprehensive list of nootropic supplements gives you a huge list of different supplements that might suit your needs – and even if they do not, you can explore the other products that the same brands offer.

The company behind a supplement is just as important as the supplement itself. You want to buy nootropics from companies that provide good-quality products, and that means looking into what they offer, and customer reviews about the business itself. If you are not careful, you might end up buying from a company that is notoriously poor quality.

Final Thoughts

Always do your research, and always know who you are buying from. The more you prepare, the easier it becomes to pick out an option that suits your needs without being misled by questionable companies or nudged into buying something that you do not actually want.

If you are looking for good nootropics supplements, then it is a good idea to use reviews and “best nootropic products” lists to get an idea of what is popular. This can direct you to products that get the most reviews and the most customers, which are often popular because they can offer something worth having.

Whatever you choose, remember to take your time and not rush into a purchase. You never want to buy something that you might regret using later on.

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